September 7, 2016

The Afterlife

Answers about the AfterLife

1. Is there life after death? How do we know?
To understand what happens to us at death, we first need to understand of what we are made of. Most of us tend to identify closely with our physical bodies, but this is only part of the picture. We are not only physical matters, but also spiritual essence. It is accurate to say that we are essential spiritual beings who possess physical bodies. When we die, we in-effect take off our physical bodies as one might take off an overcoat. The crucial person remains.

2. If life continues after physical death, where is such life lived?

To begin to understand how we could live in two realms and, for the most part, be unaware of it, we must remember that there are many things in the natural world that exists beyond the range of our five physical senses. For example, we cannot see infrared light or x-rays, or hear sounds above or below certain frequencies. Nevertheless, x-rays and high and low frequency sound vibrations do exist. In the same way, even though we cannot perceive a spiritual world through our physical senses, it exists all around us.
Just as we perceive the physical world with our physical senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell), so the spirit world can be perceived by a set of spiritual senses which are not limited by physical laws of nature. Because most of us are not attuned to our spiritual senses, we become aware of the spirit world only when we pass through it at the end of our physical lives.

3. Will I like living in the Afterlife?
Do you like living in this life? Do you welcome each day here as an opportunity to live a life learning more about who and what you really are? In many ways, our Afterlife experience is the reflection of our “Thislife” experience.

4.Assuming I’m conscious at the time of my death, will I just find myself outside my body, still having the same thoughts?
It could happen exactly as you describe. If you have no fear of death and are willing to remain conscious throughout the process, it could be exactly like that. Or, a sudden death could lead to such an experience.