“You can only kill the body, not the soul.”

Three Classifications of Suicide
1. The first classification are those people who kill themselves in order to hurt someone, get revenge, or who kill themselves out of anger for someone else.
2. The second classification includes those who, because of mental illness, confusion, or a terminal illness, takes their own life.
3. The third classification includes those who kills themselves from drugs, alcohol, or any other addiction.

What happens if people commit suicide?
The person who committed suicide will have to face their transition of course, and it will be as it is with all deaths – very much based on the beliefs the person themselves held.

What is afterlife for somebody who commits suicide?
It is unique to the spirit of the person, but would also depend on what brought them to their decision. For example, some suicides are desperate acts – people who cannot live here anymore and who cannot see a way through their pain. Others are considered honourable!

Where does the afterlife lead them?
Probably to as vast an array of experience and opportunity as anyone’s afterlife does.

Are they reincarnated?
Depends! Our spirits decide if they will reincarnate based on their purpose of living life. This is not human logic – it is spirit logic, which is different than ours. Reincarnation is a choice – one that a soul makes for reasons beyond human logic.

Is their next life worse than the previous life?
In metaphysics and spiritual understanding, there is no better or worse – there is only what is.It could be – but it could not be. Spirit makes no value judgments – humans do, so the concept of better or worse just doesn’t apply in spirit world.

“While the person who commits suicide dies only once, the loved ones left behind often die a thousand deaths wondering why.” – Anonymous

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