September 7, 2016

Spirit FAQs

Q. What do people do all day in the spirit world?
What do they do in the “real” world? This is probably the most vexing question for anyone!! it is felt that the state that the person finds themselves in at the time of death will determine much of what they perceive in the afterlife.

If a person is not prepared for their death and, in fact, clings to the notion of life, they may find themselves in a “duplicate” reality to their lives on earth.
Souls who have prepared for death and have no fear about moving on can also recreate a life, so-called, that can be constructed much the same way an earthly life can be created.

Q. Do they sleep?
Given that these beings are existing in another dimension and non-corporeal, the need for sleep to recharge the body would not be necessary. However, the need to “dream” and enter yet again another dimension may be great.

Q. Do they wear clothes, and change clothes? (Do they have fashions?)

Probably! But not clothes in the way you and I would feel a substance adorning our bodies because I don’t think Calvin Klein has an outlet in the afterlife!! 😀

Q. Do they consume anything? (Soul food?)
Soul Food. . .this is cute!! Well, Food is not necessary. I have been told that it is something that new spirits often partake in but it is not required.

Q. How do they live—in single rooms? Dormitories? Houses? Camps?
I have never heard of homes or dorms or specific dwelling places. The spirit is not required to have a bed as such.

Q. Is there any type of romantic pairing among spirits?
Not really, but there are soul groups and pairs that complement each other and are joyful to reunite in a place where there is no human interference.

Q. Can people be reincarnated? If so, how is it done?
It is felt that people do reincarnate. Some without prior consciousness of their past lives, others, in a more deliberate and thoughtful manner.

Q: Is it possible to contact the spirits via modern telecommunications technology, or by any technological means?
I have heard that this is so, and there is a society, to which I belong, dedicated to this very thing. I do not think you can regularly pick up a telephone and call up spirit but there certainly are incidents where this has happened.

Q. Why don’t psychics pick up lives on other planets?
Lots of psychics pick up on lives on other planets – but how many people would believe it if we told them they had lived on Sirius, or had come from a star system in a galaxy we have yet to discover?