“Being psychic is in all of us. Living psychic requires a little practice and a big change in personal beliefs”.

The question is not IF you are psychic, but rather if you have some special ability as a psychic. To answer that question, you need to understand how you can express yourself psychically.

Here are a few clues to help you know if you have some special ability :

  • dreams that come true, knowing who is calling or at the door, frequent instances of deja vu, “flashing” on – seeing in your mind – a future event – and then it comes true – all are indications of psychic ability
  • Out of Body or Near-Death Experiences – spirit’s way of giving you a shake so you will begin to pay attention to your abilities
  • having strong feelings about people you meet – can indicate that you are an empath, and can also indicate a past life connection between you
  • thinking of someone – and then they call, or you see them unexpectedly – can be a first indication of telepathic ability
  • while driving you find yourself slowing down, only to discover there is a police car tucked into the underpass you are approaching, or there is an obstacle or accident on the road ahead – an indication of some ability for remote viewing – your body automatically responding to something the mind has seen
  • someone who has passed appears in a dream, or you keep smelling their perfume or the brand of tobacco they used to smoke – this is usually an indication that you have some ability as a medium
  • you have a feeling that something good or bad is about to happen – and then it does… means that yes, you are psychic.

Whether or not you have some special ability, it is always worth developing your psychicself

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