Afterlife psychic: A spiritualists medium communicating with the other side

My name is Madam Siena and I am an AFTERLIFE PSYCHIC who can communicate with the other side. Some call me a spiritualists medium but I am much more than that. I have been working as a psychic medium and I have cast spell, all from love spells to money spells. I am now specialized in spells and medium work that enables me or you to connect to the death realm. I have my normal service below but also take a look at my special spell that will be presented on the site shortly. I have spells to make you develop psychic powers, communicating with the dead and much more.

  • Is there someone you always wanted to say something to?
    I can help!
  • Did you let someone down before he or she died?
    I can help!
  • Have you a dream to communicate with a famous dead person? I can make it real!
  • Want to tell someone who passed away you are ok, or ask if they are ok?
    I will help!
We all have a path set out by a higher presence and I can see it with the help from the death realm. I am very powerful psychic who now only work with communicating with the dead. My abilities to connect with the death realm have helped many lost souls. After working as a spell caster for 29 years, I decided to fully concentrate on helping people communicating with the other side. I have clients from all over the world who needs my service daily. Do you want to tell someone something? Can't move on with your life until you told someone how you feel or ask for forgiveness? I can help you!

Chose your service - Do you desire an answer? Buy option 2:
1: Write something to someone, maximum 100 words - 29 USD.

2: Write something to someone, maximum 150 words + possibility to get a response - 39 USD. 59 USD

It's breathtaking to connect to the death realm and it's not without danger for my health that I am doing it. Therefore I ONLY help 3 clients per day.

HOW TO ORDER: Below you have 2 options. Decide how many words you want the message to be. You can pay with credit cards if you prefer. I use as payment solution. Go make your account and you can shortly make a payment for the service! After you have decided, you contact me with the message you want to send to someone in the death realm, and then you make your payment with a link I will give you.

Communicate with the dead

Send a message with maximum 100 words. 29 USD

Send a message with maximum 150 words + I will cast a spell to make you open to answers during your dreams! You can recieve response of your message sent. The spell will be active for 5 weeks.NOW 39 USD NORMAL PRICE 59 USD

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Question 1: What powers do you possess? How will it help me?
Answer 1: I have a many abilities and skill. For you: I offer to be your messenger to a person who passed on to the other side. I am called a spiritualists medium and psychic, but during most of my active "career" I have been casting magic spells. Nowadays I focus on my work with contacting spirits and dead persons.

Question 2: Will the dead answer me back through you?
Answer 2: If the dead wishes to send you a message they will do it through me or through your dreams. You have to either have some psychic ability of your own to be able to receive the messages through dreams or I cast a spell to open up your senses to be able to receive messages.

Questions 3: How long can my message be?
Answer 3: Make it under 100 words. If you want more then you buy the service 2 times.

Question 4: Who can I contact?
Answer 4: You can contact anyone as long as you can give me full name, date of birth and date of death. This info is what I require to be able to contact a dead person.

Question 5: So basically I could contact Elvis (I am a big fan!!)
Answer 5: Yes! you can send messages to Elvis or any other person you have the info of. Please note that famous persons who gets many messages from people they did not know in their lives, seldom responds.

Question 6: How will I know my message was received?
Answer 6: For relatives you can notice it IF THEY DECIDE to contact you. If you contacted a person you did not know personally then don't expect a response.

Question 7: Can I send more than one message?
Answer 7: Yes! you can. Order one time for each message.

Question 8: How often do dead relatives respond?
Answer 8: I would say 80-85% of my clients get a respond in some way.

Question 9: How do I order?
Answer 9: Simply pay with the button I will provide you. Click on the button for the service you want. Then fill out a form. If you don't get re-directed to the form after you made your payment, then I will contact you.

Question 9:Can I get powers to contact dead people?
Answer 9: I can cast a spell so you can contact them yourself. This service is expensive and lasts for 2 years after cast. I offer this services to clients who already bought a service from me.



I was not there when my father past to the other side. He had been sick and was in a nursery home. I wasn't able to forgive myself but you have helped me. I feel good inside knowing he has mother in the afterlife. He contacted me and responded to the message you sent to him form me. Thank you so much! Love Caren Tellman, Hawaii, USA

It's not easy to live when you couldn't say goodbye to a loved one. You made it possible for me to go on with my life. Thank you, Hanna Barslow, Monaco

I know he will wait for me now. Really a big warm thanks to you Siena. I hope you will be alright and I am glad there are persons like you who risk their health to use their abilities to help people like me! Roger Ericson, Montana, USA

Hi, I just wanted to tell you that aster the second message you sent for me I got a response in my dream! Mike is fine. he will wait for me when my time comes and we will reunite then. Danni Thornton, Jacksonville, USA

Did you know you changed my life to the better? You did! i am so happy and relieved that I could tell my mother how sorry I am for all. She died 3 years ago and I haven't been able to forgive or forget what happaned. WHen she spoke in my dream, saying she forgave me, it felt like a mountain was lifted of my chest! Diana Kensworth, Birmingham, UK

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